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We intend to support fresh music therapists and therapist students by offering a program combining formal group supervision and clinical improvisation training/experiential. By joining this program, you will be

🔹 Receiving supervision 

🔹 Expanding music vocabularies: Use of styles, modes and scales, structural improvisation, vocal improvisation etc.

🔹 Developing your own improvisation style for your own practice !



Format: Regular group meetings with supervision & improvisation exploration

Participants: fresh music therapists and music therapy students (For others who are interested in this program, you are also welcome to contact us)

Group size:  2 - 5 members

Duration : 1.5hr (2-3 ppl) or 2hr (4-5ppl)

Supervisor/Facilitator : Edmund Ma and Diana Chan


Venue : Music Within Learning and Therapy Centre 

(Address: 814, Wealth Commercial Centre, 48 Kwong Wa Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon) 

Fees : $2500 for 4 sessions per person ($680/session for single session, per person) 

Contact: ; or 5190-7923 (Diana)


Registration / for more details :

(We will contact you directly in 2 days after receiving your registration for further arrangement. Thank you.) 



@ Special arrangement for student group (If all group members are students or non-MTs)!

🔹Suitable for those who would like to explore the use of music in clinical settings

🔹Introduction of several common music skill sets, with cases and scenarios

🔹exploring clinical improvisation and music materials depending on readiness of members


-Clinical work sharing (by participants or supervisors)

-Skill set: music and movement, sing along with guitar, drumming, songs with variations...etc

-Clinical improvisation exploration

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